Boughey Distribution Ltd

Boughey Distribution is continually reviewing its green processes and procedures to find ways of improving those aspects of the business that could be more efficient and effective.

In the past year the company has undertaken a number of environmental initiatives including: a review of its trailer and truck fleet, an upgrade of its waste and recycling container stock and an investment in new low energy lighting throughout the offices and warehouses at the company’s headquarters in Wardle, Cheshire.

Elddis Transport (Consett) Ltd

Elddis is committed to minimizing the impact that its business has on the environment.

In 2011 Elddis employed a leading vehicle aerodynamicist and invested £15,000 on a bespoke ‘spoiler’ design to fit to its vehicles. The new design was rolled out to 10 vehicles in September 2011 and such has been its impact on improving fuel consumption that Elddis expects to recoup its investment within a year.

Among the other processes introduced in the past year to improve Elddis’s ‘green credentials’ has been an automated reporting system that allows the company to monitor the particular performance of its drivers. The system provides key management information that has allowed Elddis to improve overall fuel efficiency across its fleet.


In 2011 MDA introduced its Sustainable Fulfilment proposition. The proposition sets out to significantly reduce the company’s carbon footprint through a series of initiatives that, MDA believe, will ultimately allow a completely carbon neutral fulfillment service to be provided.

Some of the core strands of this project include: the introduction of energy efficient lighting and Photovoltaic Cells across the business, an ongoing roof maintenance programme that allows more natural light to enter the warehouse buildings and a rain harvesting scheme that enables water to be reused across the business.

Such has been the success of the steps taken that MDA were able to implement 150t of CO2 savings in 2011. Furthermore, the company has identified a further 281t of potential CO2 savings that it expects to achieve in the years ahead.

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