Easilift Loading Systems can now offer a total loading bay safety and reporting system for all Goods In / Goods Out operations, after a unique partnership between technology companies Traka and Castell that paves the way for superior driveaway prevention.

Easilift already supplies the Traka Dock Management System (which incorporates Traka’s patented iFob technology) for the prevention of driveaway accidents at Goods In loading bays. As announced at the Health And Safety Expo in May, Traka has now joined forces with Castell and created DockSafe, a multifunctional solution for Goods Out bays that is simple-to-use and cost-effective.

As Traka’s appointed installer, Easilift is well placed to provide a total loading bay solution that integrates the technology with its own market-leading dock doors. In addition to isolating trailers for enhanced on-site safety, the system helps distribution centres to control access, improve security and build a full activity audit trail for traceability and accountability.

“By integrating iFob technology into both Goods In and Goods Out operations, we can provide warehouse managers an unprecedented level of data on driver activity and bay usage, as well as increased peace of mind thanks to the prevention of driveaways – a common cause of loading bay accidents,” explains Rob Fay, Managing Director of Easilift Loading Systems.

The Goods Out solution combines Traka’s iFob technology with Castell’s Salvo Susie lock to create a robust protocol where a vehicle must be immobilised prior to the Easilift loading dock door being opened. Once goods are loaded, the door must be closed and the loading bay clear of forklifts or personnel, before the vehicle can be unlocked and driven away.

As Rob Fay explains, “This logical sequence is simple, sequential and inescapable, streamlining the process in terms of safety management. Yet the advanced data reporting ensures that warehouse co-ordinators can optimise loading bay planning for long-term efficiency.”

The advantage that DockSafe provides over existing trailer isolation systems lies in the flexibility provided by the iFob.

“Advances in technology have made it possible to introduce features impossible even a half-decade ago,” explains Robert Smith, Managing Director of Traka. “Personalised iFobs. programmed to an individual driver’s access and authorisation, ensure that warehouses can record a complete log of who did what and when.”

In addition, the system is safeguarded to restrict access only to authorised personnel. Since personnel data is electronically encoded onto each iFob, every driver must update access permissions every 24 hours -ensuring that a lost or stolen iFob will only be valid for a limited time. The uniform design of iFob, requiring no outward personalisation, also means that it can be quickly and cost-effectively replaced with minimal loss of uptime.

Similarly, the Traka/Castell system is fully compatible with Easilift and Traka’s existing Dock Management System for Goods In applications, which has already been specified by Tesco for use across all of its UK distribution centres.

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