Effective immediately, the latest Voice Suite Lydia® from topVOX is available in Version 7.0. With this new release topVOX continues with their hardware-independent solutions. Speaker independence ensures that the user can start working virtually right from the start without any training. It also doesn’t matter whether the picker has a dialect. In order to offer customers more performance in terms of ergonomics and efficiency the system control now works entirely via voice input. This includes voice log-in, volume control, program selection and battery status information. The integration of new platforms such as Windows XP, Windows 7 and higher allows use with a lift truck terminal. On the PC side as well, the topVOX developers have done it again. Thanks to the new User&Device Manager, the management of employee profiles and the administration of the mobile terminals is simplified.

“With Lydia® 7.0 we’ve made another hit. Now our customers can go about their tasks more efficiently. It enables them to further increase added value potential especially with regard to picking results and working speed,” says Andreas Finken, topVOX International Sales Director.

topVOX in the UK:   Mr. Phil Oliver

Tel: 01327 261 050

Email: info-uk@top-vox.com  


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