Let’s do a spot of role play. You are a Warehouse Manager working for a large logistics company, with branches spanning across the UK and into Europe. Thousands of packages enter and exit through the doors every day; you are rushed off your feet trying to keep everything ticking along smoothly and every inch of floor area is already ear-marked for the next pallet load of goods due to arrive.

Then your superior drops a bombshell on you.

“We have another client moving in with us in four weeks. You’ll be losing 20% of your floor area to him, and we need you to sort the segregation.”

You’re flummoxed. A massive project like this was the last thing on your mind, let alone trying to cope with the reduction in floor area, and the enormity of it all threatens to overwhelm you. But thankfully, all is not lost. Your sanity can remain intact, along with your reputation in the company, and you can complete your assigned project… because Westgate is here.

With our welcoming team of surveyors and office staff, dedicated Contracts Manager and 35 years’ experience under our belts, we’ve met it all before. One phone call to our able secretaries on the frontline desk, one visit from our friendly surveyors and you’ll have our proposal in your hands. Once we’ve thrashed out the detail and confirmed exactly what you have in mind, it’s simply a case of settling back and letting us take it forward.

Within your specified deadlines, your warehouse is segregated – taking up barely any floor area, creating the minimum of dust and with the minimum of disruption to you and your everyday operations. We’ve even provided the access doors, crash barriers and signage too – it’s all included in our range.

You’ve had just as much involvement as you needed to have… enough to show us what you wanted, but not at the expense of the other pressures on your time.

Everyone is happy – your boss, your warehouse staff, the new clients and most importantly YOU. In fact, you’re so pleased with the way it’s gone that you’ve almost forgotten that slight reduction in floor area.

Sounds good? Give us a call today to experience it yourself!

Nationwide suppliers of industrial partitions, screens, curtains and doors.

Westgate Factory Dividers

Tel: 01785 782142

Email: sales@westgateuk.co.uk


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