Dexion, a leading pan-European manufacturer and provider of efficient industrial storage solutions, will be exhibiting their innovative Tornado Vertical Storage Machine with a live demonstration at Logistics Link Live at the Birmingham NEC on the 13th and 14th June on Demo Stand 07.  


The Tornado Vertical Storage Machine offers safe and secure storage for small parts handling which makes this storage system is suitable for a variety of industries including automotive parts, IT and cosmetics. The Tornado automatic storage systems can save up to 70% floor space compared to traditional shelving and is equipped with password protected access levels to improve efficiency and help reduce picking errors by 60%. To illustrate theefficiency and speed of the machine, visitors at the show will be able to pick all the parts needed to assemble a plastic toy car.

“Organisations are always looking for ways to improve warehouse efficiency and Logistics Link Live is a great event for us to showcase our efficient, space saving and cost cutting storage solutions” said Matt Grierson, managing director at Dexion.

Alongside demonstrating the Tornado Vertical Storage Machine, each day, Dexion will be presenting a seminar on how to improve efficiency within the warehouse and picking processes, through the use of these types of automated solutions.

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