Optimising storage space without restricting access is the trick achieved by BITO’s Compact Storage Module. This new small parts storage solution comprises drawers with a load capacity of 150 kg that pull out smoothly by 100 per cent to present clear access to every part of the drawer. This means pickers can access and retrieve parts that are stored right at the back of the drawer just as easily as they can pick items from the front.

The 1550mm tall Compact Storage Module is 1206mm deep and 900mm wide, which allows three units to fit into a typical 2.7 m wide bay of racking. The standard unit is fitted with 5 drawers and an anti-tilt device that only allows 1 drawer to be extended at a time.

Drawers have been designed to house dividers and BITO’s range of containers. This includes BITO’s XL containers, which being designed in sizes that fit within a Euro footprint, means that a combination of different bin dimensions will fit within the drawer’s footprint in the most space efficient pattern.

This means the user will benefit from a storage system that can be tailored to meet their specific small parts storage needs, and one that can hold a wide range of items.

Edward Hutchison, MD at BITO Storage Systems, said: “Manufacturing trends such as JIT and Kanban, along with the phenomenal growth of online retail, where products are picked in singles, means the demand for innovative small parts storage solutions is on the rise. By combining the most space efficient design with complete access to products, BITO’s Compact Storage Module will be the ideal solution for many storage operations.”

With its head office and main production facilities in Germany, BITO is an internationally operating manufacturer of storage and order picking systems. The company’s product range includes shelving and racking; storage and order picking systems; bins and containers and warehouse equipment and accessories.

BITO Storage Systems Limited

Edward Hutchison

Tel: 024 7638 8850

Email: info@bito.co.uk


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