With a product range of over 3000 individual components available in 5 different size categories, RAM A-size mounts are the perfect solution for mounting small, light-weight electronics to any surface.

Featuring patented 0.56” rubber balls and adjustable marine grade aluminium double-socket arms, RAM A-size mounts are small enough to discreetly mount a variety of compact technologies yet tough enough to out-perform any rivalling mounting system.

Built with integrated shock and vibration dampening as standard, with a variety of interchangeable components and fixtures to choose from, the customisable nature of RAM ball and socket mounts enable users to mount any device anywhere in any environment with ease.

From adhesive and suction bases for windscreens and screw-on bases for any flush surface in or outside of any vehicle, RAM remains the ultimate choice for mounting a wide variety of devices in a number of industries worldwide.



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