GNB® Industrial Power, a division of Exide Technologies, announces the addition of two new batteries in its Sonnenschein® line of products, as well as unveiling an improved version of its innovative spiral wound battery.

For cleaning machines GNB has developed the new Sonnenschein GF 12 076V, which has improved high current tolerance and significantly increased capacity to meet the cleaning industry’s ever-expanding performance criteria. Cleaning machines, which are used intensively for prolonged periods of time, demand a reliable and robust battery with an extra boost of power that can be provided by the Sonnenchein GF 12 076V.

For smaller cleaning machines, GNB has added the new GF 12 052 YO to its Sonnenschein range. With its compact-sized power pack it is ideally suited for use in small cleaning machines and warehouse movers, as well as wheelchairs. The GF 12 052 YO’s high-energy density and safe, female connectors allow for high performance whilst retaining its compact packaging.

In addition to the two new Sonnenschein block batteries, GNB has also significantly improved its spiral-wound block battery from the AS  range. The valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) battery, which employs spiral-wound technology with AGM technology where acid is held in an absorbent glass mat, now provides a superior high power performance. It is also maintenance-free, eliminating any risk resulting from over or under-topping the battery. Suitable for all applications with a high power demand, including hybrid drive and automatic guided systems, this battery is also well suited to appliances with high opportunity charge rates, such as compact 12V cleaning machines.

All of these batteries benefit from the innovative drysafe® and dryfit® technology, which offer high-cycling capabilities, minimal gassing and long service lives. Moreover these batteries fulfil the highest safety requirements, because they are leak proof.

“Our clients are using applications that are constantly evolving and require batteries that complement that evolution,” explains Peter Atack, Product and Technical Manager at GNB Industrial Power.  “As such we work closely with our customers, as well as monitoring developments within their industries, to identify their power source needs. This allows us to effectively progress existing technologies, as well as develop new ones, in line with their needs. This is why the two new powerful Sonnenschein batteries were created, together with the improved Spiral Wound battery,” adds Atack.

GNB Industrial Power

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