Easilift Loading Systems has won two major orders to install double deck scissor lifts into Tesco distribution centres, after a report praised the machines for their exceptional energy efficiency and ergonomic design.

A total of 41 scissor lifts will be installed at two Tesco distribution centres, set to go live later in 2012.

Easilift commissioned the independent report – conducted by industry expert Trevor Piggott – to assess the scissor lifts in terms of safety, performance and quality against competitor products. “The Loading Systems brand ethos is that ‘We Take Care,’ and we decided to prove it by enlisting the independent opinion of one of the UK’s foremost experts in scissor lifts,” explains Easilift Loading Systems managing director Rob Fay.

Trevor Piggott has designed scissor lifts since the 1960s and, as joint owner of the UK Lift Company, was a pioneer in supplying lifting platforms to the retail sector. He is also involved with the British Standards Institute, as chairman of the European working group which drafts and publishes the European standard EN 1570 which, when complied with, is a method proving conformity with the requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Mr Piggott examined scissor lifts installed at Tesco’s Grocery Distribution Centre in Daventry, where the machines formed part of a major £6.5 million investment in Easilift loading solutions.

Overall, the report found that the scissor lifts performed extremely well in terms of speed and energy efficiency. Equipped with a dual motor, the lift can reach a top speed of 85mm/sec and enables rapid re-levelling. Power consumption readings indicate a cost per vehicle that is lower when compared to competitor models.

Easilift’s design expertise also earned praise. Trevor Piggott found that the configuration of the scissor lift’s lifting mechanism provided enormous operational benefits to Tesco. “Easilift has designed its platform with the lifting mechanism is situated completely underneath the load carrying platform, reducing the overall footprint enabling more loading pods can be installed on the same size site,” confirms Mr Piggott.

Further examination confirmed that Easilift’s attention to detail offered significant advantages. “I am aware of lifts with obvious defects of design that will eventually lead to safety issues, and inevitably, downtime; but by designing well at the outset, Easilift has avoided these issues from arising.”

His conclusion on the scissor lift represents an enthusiastic endorsement: “This is obviously a quality machine.” Although cost comparison of alternative machines was not part of the brief Mr Piggott observed that the quality of the Easilift machine will return significant cost benefits to the customer throughout its working life.

“Easilift’s scissor lifts have performed with distinction since their installation at into the Tesco DC network in 2003, and the independent report backs up our personal experience of using the equipment,” explains Duncan Robertson of Tesco.

“The fact that the report identifies the reduced footprint as a particular strength is heartening, as this was a solution that Easilift devised specifically for our requirements,” Robertson adds.

Following a very robust competitive tendering process, the same scissor lifts are now being installed at two further Tesco distribution centres in Reading and Dagenham.

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