Warehouse automation supplier, KNAPP, has launched a video-based troubleshooting service for its customers.

Available as an addition to any service contract, KNAPP’s KiSoft Web Eye allows live, bi-directional video and voice transmission to identify and resolve service issues at the customer’s site. Wearing the fully mobile kit, a client employee or a KNAPP engineer can transmit live images and sound from the actual location of any problem to KNAPP’s Customer Service experts at the company’s headquarters in Graz, Austria. This innovative, 24-hour service uses WLAN technology to connect with the customer network and allows hand-drawn sketches, videos or instructions to be sent quickly and easily, directly to the operator’s display on site.

Comments Ebb Kretschmer, Head of Customer Services for KNAPP UK, “KiSoft Web Eye is a really clever piece of kit that results in clearer communication of service problems and, consequently, much faster resolution of any issues. As well as being used for real-time scenarios, the equipment can also be used for long-term monitoring. With the record function, users can perform time-delayed analyses that help to pinpoint trouble spots.”


Mr Craig Rollason, Head of Sales & Marketing

Tel: 01844 202149


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