Hand and Arm Protection (HAP) specialist Marigold® Industrial has unveiled a new logo, which is kicking off a year of positive developments within the company.

The updated logo – which will be used on all future new products and be incorporated into existing products through the course of 2012 – marks a decision by parent company Comasec SAS to take the business forward by focusing and positioning all of its products, within the transport and logistics sector, under one brand Marigold® Industrial.

The company said the decision to bring everything under the Marigold® Industrial brand, incorporating the Comasec® range of HAP solutions into the Marigold® Industrial range, will help it develop a more consistent brand message across its global transport markets.

The new logo will make its debut on the company’s new PX118 glove – an ultra-lightweight protective glove using the thinnest PU coating yet still providing good levels of abrasion resistance and a high level of dexterity – making it an ideal choice for those involved in the transport and logistics sector.

Other elements of the business will also incorporate the new logo, including product packaging, cartons, websites, product literature and wider marketing by the year-end.

Marigold® Industrial was bought by French manufacturer Comasec SAS in 2003, a move which saw it become a major international HAP manufacturer with global markets and manufacturing plants in Malaysia and Portugal with the capacity to produce millions of pairs of gloves, for the transport and logistics industry, annually.

Comasec SAS Chairman and MD, Pascal Berend whose father established Comasec® in France in 1948, says the move to the single Marigold® Industrial brand will evolve during the course of 2012 in preparation for one of its favourite fairs the Expoprotection in Paris this December.

“The decision to bring everything under the Marigold® Industrial brand was taken after careful consideration and we will offer our customers all the help they need for this change. From a business perspective we believe that moving forward with the single Marigold® Industrial brand will offer us a range of benefits – not least of which will be the consistency of message across our global transport and logistics markets,” said Pascal.

Marigold® Industrial

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