A prestigious UK Retail Company built a brand new 450,000 sq foot distribution warehouse, and commissioned Addgards and Brandsafe to fit out their new warehouse with Column Protectors to suit their specific column size requirements.

In total, Addgards fitted over 200 Column Protectors in the warehouse. The supply of the Addgards Column Protector saved the customer over 35% when compared to traditional metal guards fixed to the floor. The Addgards Column Protectors also offer better safety features such as their bright yellow colour which is more obvious to drivers and at a height of 1 meter high, or 2 meters high if stacked, is highly visual to the forklift driver. The Polyethylene Protector is also more forgiving to the driver reducing forklift damage and injury to the driver.

Addgards and Brandsafe were  able to cater for extra-large Columns 300 x 600mm in size with a specially produced infill to offer complete protection. Addgards were also made some minor tool alterations to produce a Column Protector to suit 320mm x 320mm. Such a bespoke solution is unique to the industry and provides optimum safety in an astatically pleasing way.


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