Austrian-owned warehouse automation group, KNAPP, has received an order for the 10,000th shuttle to be supplied as part of its market-leading OSR Shuttle™ automated storage system.

The 10,000th shuttle will from part of a solution for footwear giant, Clarks, at its brand-new logistics centre in Hanover, Pennsylvania, USA, which will go live later this year. KNAPP pioneered the shuttle storage concept with the launch of the OSR Shuttle™ system back in 2002. The solution forms the bedrock of KNAPP’s ‘low-complexity warehouse’ concept, which aims to reduce the number of different technologies within distribution facilities in order to minimise costs. Since its launch, KNAPP has continued to develop the OSR Shuttle™ solution and the latest generation is even more powerful, cost-efficient and flexible.

The new generation of OSR Shuttle™ makes it possible to store containers and cartons of various dimensions without having to use trays. This not only avoids the cost of the trays but also avoids time-consuming repacking processes within the warehouse. The shuttles can store loads of various sizes up to four deep and, with the possibility to store containers up to 800mm long two-deep, the OSR Shuttle™ offers the highest storage density of any shuttle-based system on the market. As well as unrivalled availability and reliability, the modular OSR Shuttle™ system is not limited in size, with solutions up to 30 metres in height and more than 100 metres in length by no means unusual.

With OSR Shuttle™ systems installed at more than 150 sites worldwide, KNAPP’s solution accounts for a massive 80% of shuttle storage systems in operation today. The largest of these to date is the OSR Shuttle™ supplied to Hermes Fulfilment in Haldensleben, Germany, which features over 800 shuttles. Other customers include John Lewis, Alliance Boots, Ocado, British Gas, CooperVision, Centaur Services and AAH Pharmaceuticals in the UK; SPAR in Austria; Würth in Germany; Office Depot in France; Bausch + Lomb in the Netherlands; CIBA Vision in the USA; and AVON Products at several locations worldwide.


Mr Craig Rollason,

Head of Sales & Marketing

Tel: 01844 202149

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