Still painting traffic routes? Or pallet spaces on your warehouse floor? Waiting hours for it to dry? Well here’s your simple solution, quick and easy PVC self-adhesive floor signals, able to withstand busy every day traffic of a fully operational warehouse.

Beaverswood the “complete warehouse identification company” can provide you the solution, with its wide range of inexpensive high visibility self-adhesive floor signals. Beaverswood are pleased to announce that this range is available in 5 different colours with the latest addition to the standard range being the highly requested colour choice of black.

With the range consisting of directional arrows for directing traffic flow, circles for marking walkways and L, T and + symbols enabling the marking of mutli-pallet positions on the warehouse floor. Operated in conjunction with the other floor products such as Floor Graphic Markers of which there is now 22 standard designs and bespoke floor location labels, as pictured. We know this system offers the complete floor identification system you could ever need.

The floor signals have an aggressive adhesive which is suitable for any clean, dry, flat, sealed surface making it not only great on floors but walls as well.


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