Union Industries, the UK market leading manufacturer of industrial rapid roll Hi-Speed Doors, has completed the installation of two Bulldoors, at PrintPak in Leicester.

The Leeds-based company, which designs, manufactures, installs and maintains its own range of fast acting doors, has worked alongside the packaging company to help meet strict hygiene regulations and best practice standards.

Printing & Packaging Co.Ltd is a manufacturer of high quality folding cartons and litho laminated packaging, supplying to the food, detergent, household product, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

In order to primarily control external environmental impact on the facility, two of Union’s Bulldoors, both externally mounted, one door of 4m wide x 4.5m high and a smaller 3m x 4m door, have been installed on the external doorways of the warehouse. The doorways experience almost constant traffic causing potential contamination to packaging used for food and other consumables.

The fast speeds at which the Bulldoors open and close, approximately 1.6m per second, helps combat these issues. The doors open for the minimum amount of time possible before closing automatically, meaning harmful bacteria and contaminates are kept within control. The doors also control heat loss and ensure security of materials.

The installation was aligned with the current system to enable drivers to use existing remote control transmitters.

In common with the other doors in the range, the Bulldoors feature Union’s highly-regarded ‘Crash-Out’ damage protection facility, which ensures that they remain operable if the bottom beam is hit by a speeding vehicle. This proven system, which has been on Union’s doors for over 20 years, drastically reduces repair costs and guarantees minimal down-time.

Denny Sall, Director at PrintPak Leicester said: “We were looking to work with a UK manufacturer with an excellent reputation like ours, who could provide roll doors to meet the hygiene expectations of our company and to businesses who we supply to. It would seem that only Union’s doors can stand up to the very testing environment we have here at PrintPak.”

“The latest installation ensures that our facilities fully comply with hygiene requirements with the added assurance of security and heat regulation which is very important to us. Union’s Bulldoors are helping us maintain this.”

Neil Irwin, Technical Sales Engineer at Union Industries, said: “Our clients have all kinds of requirements and issues, which our rapid roll doors can address. We have established an excellent working relationship with PrintPak and in turn have emerged into the packaging market as a key supplier in providing highly advanced hygiene protection to PrintPak’s supply materials.”

Union Industries

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