Union Industries, the UK market leading manufacturer of industrial rapid roll Hi-Speed Doors, has completed the installation of four doors at sia Abrasives UK in West Yorkshire.

The Leeds-based roller door specialist has installed two Matadoors and two Bulldoors in the storage and distribution areas, to meet temperature and security control regulations, based at the premises in Greetland, Halifax.

sia Abrasives UK manufactures non woven abrasive materials for surface preparation for a number of different purposes such as Metal working and woodworking industries, to compliment the range of coated, and foam abrasives offered by the company. sia Abrasives UK is part of the Bosch Power Tools Accessories Division, and international market leader of high quality abrasives, sia Group.

Both the Matadoors and Bulldoors meet sia Abrasives UK strict guarantee of its manufacturing promise to customers, which involves environmentally sound waste disposal methods, air filtration, conserving energy and a constant turnaround of recycling package materials.

With so many products being driven through a rigorous production system, the main manufacturing area needs continual access required in and out of the building by fork-lift vehicles. The installation of the Bulldoors in the external storage areas ensures that the temperature requirements are strictly regulated, with an opening speed of 1.6 m/s.

The Matadoors feature keypads, which provide the internal restricted areas with secure access for authorised personnel only and also help to regulate temperature. The Matadoors have been installed into both the production-to-dispatch and production-to-storage areas. In common with the other doors in the range, the doors also feature Union’s highly-regarded ‘Crash-Out’ damage protection facility, which ensures that the door remains operable if the heavy duty steel composite bottom beam is hit by a speeding vehicle.

This proven system, which has been a central attribute of Union’s doors for over 20 years, drastically reduces repair costs and guarantees minimal down-time if the door is impacted by traffic such as forklift trucks.

Gerry Morriss, Head of Logistics at sia Abrasives, said: “We have been very impressed with both the Matadoors and Bulldoors for the different benefits they offer. As a company, we continually need to assure our customers that our products are manufactured with the highest standards of practice, and the installation of Union’s doors offers the ideal solution.

“The installation of the Union’s doors guarantees that we have a safe working environment for our employees with the added benefit of a constantly secure and optimised process environment.”

Paul Chable, Sales Engineer at Union Industries, said: “Our range of industrial High Speed roller doors has gained an exceptional reputation in a range of multi-purpose manufacturing and distribution environments. This installation shows another excellent example of service by Union Industries, which has helped to meet the security and heating requirements of a globally renowned organisation.”

Union Industries

Tel: 0113 244 8393

Email: enquiries@unionindustries.co.uk


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