The need for transparency and reliable protection for consignments across the whole logistics supply chain is of vital importance.

tesa® has responded to this challenge in developing the tesa® Security concept and a range of SecuritySeal adhesive tapes and labels which clearly show whether a shipment has completed its previous journey in the logistics chain intact and in its original packaging.

Providing a secure seal and reliable protection, tesa®’s SecuritySeal products undergo a physical and visual change when they are opened.  Such changes are irreversible, meaning that any attempted tampering is clearly evident. When the seal on the tape or label is opened, a warning appears and remains visible when closed again.

tesa® SecuritySeal labels can be printed with logos, serial numbers and item-specific barcodes. As a result, the labels can be used for track and trace purposes. If label barcodes are scanned every time goods are delivered, manufacturers and retailers can immediately see that boxes and pallet packaging have been delivered intact and logistics partners can consistently prove that shipments have been delivered in full and in the original packaging.

The label material can be supplied in different formats, colours and sizes and customised to the customers’ needs to ensure protection against imitations.

Additional benefits include:

• Ease of application allows the creation of a smooth packaging process for shippers

• Bar code scanning features offer fast inventory control during stock-taking

• The identification of weak points in the logistics chain

• Security and quality assurance at each point of transfer

• Complete delivery reinforces customer trust and satisfaction

• tesa®’s StretchSeal and SecuritySeal tags provide security closure for reusable containers. They can be quickly attached and easily removed without leaving residue.

The tesa® Security concept guarantees maximum security as a result of tailored advisory services, solutions and comprehensive guidance.

tesa® SecuritySeal products ensure that unauthorised access is immediately detected. However, employees, logistics partners and customers need to be aware of the security concept and need to report any irregularities immediately. For this reason, tesa offers guidance at the customer’s location and provides relevant information to all those concerned.

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