When it comes to roller conveyors, there has always been a strong demand for greater efficiency, reliability and durability – on straights as well as curves. The key to high-end performance is using Interroll PolyVee as the drive solution, combining RollerDrives (24 V DC drives), well-established 3500 Series roller conveyors and multi-rib belts to form a functional unit of unrivalled quality.

Focused power for reliable unit loading handling

A single RollerDrive is sufficient to safely and reliably transport conveyor segments of up to five metres in length and heavy unit loads of up to 100 kg in weight. It is precisely this aspect that makes this particular drive solution so interesting from an investment point of view, as the number of drives is reduced to an absolute minimum. The high-performing RollerDrive transfers the power via non-slip multi-rib belts to the 3500 Series roller conveyors, featuring PolyVee drive heads with nine grooves.

The new system is capable of achieving up to 300% more torque transmission as compared to standard round belts and the flexible design of the multi-rib belts makes the system particularly simple and efficient to assemble, even when it comes to integrating the new unit into existing installations. This saves time and money!

Thanks to the consistent level of tension maintained by the belts, both acceleration and braking are shorter and more precise than in conventional systems. Even delicate products can be handled with maximum efficiency thanks to zero-pressure accumulation control.

Perfect cornering guaranteed

Curves also benefit from the enhanced performance of the PolyVee drive solution. Thanks to their elasticity, PolyVee belts ensure optimal propulsion irrespective of the curve configuration. The PolyVee concept not only facilitates the use of homogenous components but also offers the benefits of an elegant 24 Volt DC drive solution. This makes the prescribed safety standards for conventional drives with 400 Volt drive motors redundant and saves costs accordingly. Furthermore, the PolyVee concept simplifies the entire design and layout of conveyor systems.

To avoid leakage or contamination from the material being conveyed, the drive components are integrated well “out of reach”. The Interroll Poly-Vee concept offers both system manufacturers and users a reliable, energy-saving, cost-effective and easy-to-install drive solution for roller conveyors.

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