Asda’s chilled distribution (CDC) depots have reported a seven per cent reduction in annual energy costs after the introduction of advanced temperature monitoring with Silvertree Engineering’s IceSpy System 5.

Asda and its refrigeration contractors Star Refrigeration/EJM enlisted Silvertree Engineering to help improve the efficiency of cold storage facilities. It was part of a wider energy-saving initiative which resulted in an overall cost reduction of around £85,000 (17 per cent).

The previous, hard-wired monitoring system employed by Asda became obsolete and frequently stopped working. This had a major impact on the energy consumption of the depots but Asda were also concerned about the possible impact on the quality of its products.

Asda quickly recognised the need to upgrade their temperature monitoring system to an advanced wireless system, giving them the flexibility to utilise the system throughout each site effectively.

In response to the British supermarket group’s requirements for a more reliable and accurate monitoring system, Silvertree Engineering installed IceSpy System 5. This wireless monitoring and alarm solution is designed to help ensure that optimum temperatures are maintained, as well as saving the time spent by staff doing manual checks.

IceSpy System5 automatically records temperatures from various locations throughout each cold store and transmits the data to a local PC or network where it can be viewed and assessed. The system’s “WebView” feature could also enable the user to log into the system from anywhere in the world using a standard web browser.

The installation of the system in Asda’s chilled distribution depots provided data that enabled site managers to dramatically increased energy efficiency and maintain quality storage conditions.

Tony La Rosa, infrastructure manager at Asda Group said: “We have been reviewing the performance of the refrigeration units at our Chilled Distribution Centres sites, not only to preserve the upmost quality of our products but to prevent unnecessary costs and limit the environmental impact of unnecessary energy usage. The service and support provided by Silvertree came highly recommended by Star Refrigeration and we are extremely satisfied with the system that has been introduced.

“The sales engineers from Silvertree travelled to all sites with the Star Refrigeration and EJM teams in order to calibrate the refrigeration control sensors and get the plants running at optimum frequency. Being wireless, the IceSpy system is more flexible and allows us to move sensors if required.”

IMC Group Managing Director Ian Robinson said: “This was a real team effort. Star Refrigeration and Silvertree worked closely together to roll out this system for Asda, who supported us throughout the project. The successful result is a tremendous demonstration of the energy savings that can be achieved by investing in the very best temperature monitoring system.”

Silvertree Engineering Ltd was established in 1988 and more recently became part of the IMC Group Ltd.

The IMC Group was formed in 2007 by the amalgamation of Lamerholm Electronics, Hanwell Instruments and Jekyll Electronic Technology. More recently, IMC has acquired Silvertree Engineering Ltd. The group has over 100 years of experience and offers a comprehensive range of instrumentation and communication systems.

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