Joloda International celebrate a significant milestone with their 50th year anniversary in 2012.

The company has grown from a small manufacturer to an international market leader with more loading systems to offer than any other company in their industry and manufacture up to 500 truck systems per month pre-sold. The company was founded in 1962 when a Mr Johnstone invented the famous Skate & Track system. Joloda won the prestigious British Design Award in 1977 for this invention! From this he went on to develop the hydraulic skates for heavier container loading. Joloda began with customers in the UK, Europe and Japan with a turnover of £1 million, turnover nowadays is between £7-8 million, with the addition of the American market.

A lot has changed over the years with new expansions every year, MDS Peterborough purchased in 1990, acquired Hydraroll in 2003, established Joloda BV (Netherlands) 2006, Joloda LLC (USA) 2010 as well as a growing network of agents. Joloda also spent many years manufacturing taillifts and ammunition handling systems, but these 2 product lines were replaced with more profitable systems – the automatic loading systems for large blue chip companies. This is a worldwide growing market which was not contemplated 50 years ago! Their expertise is in logistics and engineering, and over the 50 years, Joloda has supplied over 500,000 loading systems working worldwide! The company employs 88 people over 2 sites in the UK, with a turnover of £7-8million with Dutch and American assembly factories.

In this day and age, reaching 50 yrs is a remarkable achievement. Joloda have not gone unaffected by the recession over the years but have survived with a strong export market to Japan, USA and Europe and by also offering flexible systems from as little £2000 up to £200,000.

Joloda have built up over the years an impressive portfolio of customers, from Unilever, Kimberley Clarke, Heinz, Proctor & Gamble, Pepsi-Co, Coca Cola, Fed Ex, DHL, News International, the list goes on…

One of the biggest customers is Fed Ex in USA who use the airfreight rollerbed system 24/7 for airfreight, with 5000 systems running daily, coast to coast. The equipment can be supplied anywhere in the world in easy to install kits and maintenance is minimum on the systems. There is also a 24 hour spares supply from the UK sites or the worldwide agents network.

Looking ahead, Joloda are positive about the future. They have a strong order book for 2012 and a lot of enquiries for large logistic supply chain projects.

Joloda (International) Ltd

Tel: 0151 427 8954


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