With winter staring us in the face and the forecasters already predicting snow and ice this month, many industrial estates have access roads, car parks, loading bays etc that will need to be kept clear of snow and ice. With the ever increasing threat of insurance claims as a result of slip and fall accidents, it is of upmost importance that all these areas are well maintained for the good of employers, employees, visitors and customers alike.

The SnowEx range of professional snow and ice control products includes models for every application. Whilst the large capacity truck mounted or trailed units are the ideal machine for the council or the contractor maintaining access roads and highways, the smaller utility spreaders are an excellent machine for the company who needs to maintain their car parks, loading and unloading bays, and storage yards. Simply mount a SnowEx utility spreader on the forks of your forklift truck, and spread salt effortlessly around your site to allow business as usual on those cold winter days when many short sighted companies grind to a halt through lack of preparation for the inevitable Snow and Ice. Is it not worth that small outlay when you consider the potential loss of revenue through the inability to keep the workforce operating? Powered from the forklift battery and controlled from the controller mounted on the fork truck, the SnowEx Spreader will handle wet or dry rock salt effectively.  Maybe you prefer to use a pickup truck or even a tractor or maybe a utility vehicle, no problem – the SnowEx Utility Spreaders from Broadwood International come with the option of many different mounts to suit virtually any commercial vehicle with four wheels.  Call us on 01420 478111 to discuss your requirements, and you will find that whatever your application there will be a SnowEx Spreader to suit.

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