Leading German manufacturer of construction hoists GEDA has installed a new four tower TowerMat high capacity sheet steel storage and retrieval machine which automatically feeds stock into an adjacent Trumpf laser cutter, ensuring fast, accurate and safe component manufacture. With 91, 3,000kg capacity trays, each 9.87m wide, the TowerMat installation has a maximum capacity of 273,000kg handling a variety of material lengths, widths and weights.

TowerMat is marketed and supported in the UK by Couzens Storage Solutions, who  have extensive experience supplying a diverse range of individually designed and bespoke automated storage and retrieval carousels and lifts.

GEDA acquired a similar unit in 2007 to store extra-long stock, and as a result of its space-saving performance and service, decided to install a second machine. Beforehand, steel stock and raw materials were stored on racks which made product selection and storing a slow process, with poor use of overhead space.

TowerMat is a Vertical Lift system designed for the heaviest, toughest and ugliest of storage tasks, including metal sheet, bar, profiles, jigs, machine tools and heavy, bulky components. Each storage cassette can hold up to 5,000kg with dimensions up to 10.0m long x 2.0m wide.  Units are available up to 18m high and with modular design, there is no practical weight limit.

Goods are presented for handling via a powered cart, able to exit the TowerMat unit from the front, rear or sides or all faces, for delivering to a workstation or any other location away from the machine. Alternatively the load can be taken away by forklift, overhead crane or other automated handling machinery.

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