A newly-launched compact single-ply paper void-fill system introduced by Pregis Protective Packaging Europe is set to establish a new performance standard for this category.

The Geo-Speed® Quantum™*, which is made under licence from Easypack Limited, delivers crumpled paper from rollstock at speeds of between 1.2m and 3.8m per second and is being described as the most user-friendly paper system on the market.

Pregis has undertaken in-depth research into the needs of current protective packaging (void-fill, block and brace) users in the design of the Geo-Speed® Quantum™*.  This highlighted significant complaints about downtime due to jams and paper roll changes on existing equipment.

As a result, Pregis has developed a unique floating-head design for the machine, which enables the fastest roll loading of any unit on the market.  Pregis says rolls can be loaded in a matter of seconds.  In addition, the system, which can easily be rotated, facilitates ergonomic operator loading.

The Geo-Speed® Quantum™* has also been designed to eliminate paper jams, unlike competitive units whose jams are said to occur frequently and which can be tedious and time-consuming to correct, since typically operators have to remove covers or use tools to clear the jammed paper.

For user-friendly operation the Geo-Speed® Quantum™* is lightweight and portable, yet durable enough to withstand the rigours of a warehouse environment.  Once the unit is in position, the operator can make adjustments to suit his or her specific needs, including machine height, paper dispensing angles and roll repositioning to help reduce the overall footprint.

In addition, to enable companies to deliver an enhanced environmental profile, the machine uses kraft grade paper which is made from a percentage of recycled content.

“The Geo-Speed® Quantum™* has been engineered with the operator in mind,” comments Hamadi Ettarfass, General Manager, Protective Packaging Systems – Europe.  “We have focused on making this new machine as user-friendly as possible and at the same time have ensured companies have a fast, efficient and environmentally-friendly protective packaging solution.”

Crumpled paper is ideally suited as small space, void-fill and light cushioning for a wide variety of products, especially those that are loose or unboxed, or have sharp edges.  Typical products and markets include mail order fulfilment, electronic components, automotive parts, housewares, lighting fixtures, industrial parts, medical and dental supplies, pharmaceuticals, and lawn and garden products.

* The Geo-Speed® Quantum™ is made under licence from Easypack Limited

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