Strapping machines from Mosca have been chosen to help a new corrugated products manufacturer deliver high-volume glued cases.

Sheet Direct Ltd and The Boxshop Ltd have formed the joint venture, to be known as eCorrugated Ltd, offering high volume glued cases with multi-print and die cut capability, manufactured on market leading case-making technology.

In excess of £1.2m has been invested in the first phase of the eCorrugated business in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, including purchasing a Mosca MCB-2 bundle strapping machine and a Mosca KCK-121 pallet strapping machine.

Director Paul Lavelle says: “Previous experience working with Mosca equipment had shown they offered great customer service, particularly after sales, and excellent machine build and capability. We were also particularly impressed by Mosca innovations such as the SoniXs strapping head technology.

“We needed strapping equipment that could cope with very high output levels, offering high levels of reliability and fully automated. Mosca were competitively priced, fully understood our needs and were easy to do business with. Plus, they could deliver to our tight timescales.”

Mosca equipment is available in the UK from its wholly-owned subsidiary Mosca Direct of Cotgrave, Nottinghamshire.

Mosca Direct Managing Director Peter Foster adds: “We are delighted to have supplied the first strapping machines to this new venture. We now look forward to many years of working together successfully.”

The Mosca MCB-2 fully automatic inline strapping machine offers fast, automated setup and job changes, giving extremely high process reliability at up to 27 inline bundles per minute with standard machine grade 5mm PP straps. Incorporating an integrated squaring device, smooth bundle control and low maintenance is achieved by using the latest in brushless DC technology.

The Mosca KCK-121 pallet press features an integrated turn-cross for four-way strapping and a programmable compression ratio and can strap pallets in excess of 2m wide. It is capable of speeds up to 120 pallets/hour for two parallel straps, or up to 65 pallets/hour for four-way cross-strapping.

Mosca’s SoniXs ultrasonic strapping heads convert an electrical impulse into a very high frequency, low amplitude mechanical vibration to melt the strap interface and make a consistent, secure seal more quickly, cleanly and simply than heater or friction based systems. The design means there is no dirt or dust build up in the bearings and the system only uses power during the sealing cycle, reducing energy consumption. For users, it adds up to an extremely flexible system with low service requirements and maintenance costs.

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