The noted U.K. forklift company Nexen has announced that following fast on its decision to move its entire R & D programme from its manufacturing facility in Taiwan to the U.K. it has also decided to move the production of its successful “X” range to its home base.

Commenting on this significant move Tim Mason U.K. Managing Director said “We have an extensive programme of new models in the pipeline that are to be added to our existing range

And we can now oversee and control the time taken to get these trucks from the development stage into full production. This will also meet the concerns of several major component suppliers being reluctant to release specialised development items to Taiwan given the proximity of China. We have therefore taken the very big decision to move all of our Research and Development activities to our European Headquarters in the UK.  We believe that this will allow us to expand our range at a dramatically faster rate than previously and at the same time, meet the constantly increasing demand being placed on our production schedule following our very positive launch into the North American market. These new models and others from the “X” range will also be produced at our new production facility in the UK”.

As an independent company Nexen has always enjoyed a close relationship with customers and prides itself on fast delivery times, enhancing quality and reliability and direct factory after-sales support. The company has also being busy of late in building a comprehensive network of worldwide distributors under the guidance of Nexen director Pam Oakes who observes “This is a very exciting development and personally I cannot wait to see the label on the “X” range trucks saying Made in the U.K. It is certainly true to say that UK manufacturing is still seen as being synonymous with quality, and the increasing labour costs in Asia coupled with the difficulties of recruiting a skilled workforce has been instrumental in our decision. Nexen also sees this as the opportunity to implement the latest technology in its manufacturing process as opposed to working with inherent procedures, whilst gaining totally integrated production control”.

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