Concrete Grinding Ltd has successfully completed their LARGEST EVER FLOOR GRINDING CONTRACT in linear metres for a global glassware company in Italy.

The client’s new DC floor was originally built by a flooring contractor using Laser Screed construction to meet with DIN 18202 floor flatness specification.  Whilst the racking was being installed, Trimmer S.r.l Profilegraph surveyed sample aisles and found they all failed to meet DIN 15185, the required floor flatness standard for VNA operation.   Trimmer S.r.l contacted Concrete Grinding Ltd, whom they represent in Italy, and Concrete Grinding Ltd were then commissioned to grind the aisles to tolerance.

The very busy and operational warehouse facility consisted of 64 aisles, which were split in to 7 different compartments, totalling just over 5700 metres. Before corrective work commenced Trimmer S.r.l. surveyed the remaining aisles, Concrete Grinding Ltd analysed the data and identified that only 80% of the total aisle length required remedial grinding. As Concrete Grinding Ltd are the only superflat floor grinding specialist in the industry that could laser ground exact areas out of specification rather than the whole aisle, the client commissioned Concrete Grinding Ltd to grind the aisles to specification. This also benefited the client as precise corrective grinding provided a cost-saving solution.

To meet with the client’s deadlines, Concrete Grinding Ltd operated two Laser Grinders and carried out 2 wheel track grinding x 400mm cut paths on 4570 metres of aisles. The facility operates B.T. (Toyota) 4 wheel fork Lift trucks where the wheels fitted perfectly within the 400mm cut path. The grinding program was executed on a 5 aisles rolling program so that the client’s warehouse operation could function as normal.

Concrete Grinding were also asked to carry out floor joint repairs in the facility. With assistance from CG Flooring Systems Ltd, the team carried out 110 metres of joint arris repairs and 1200 metres of joint reseal repairs within the 400mm ground path to cater for the wheels of the trucks. This resulted in an additional cost saving as the whole aisle width did not have to be repaired. The saw cut joints were resealed every 4 metres along each aisle. 50 metres of joint repairs were also completed within door openings between the 7 separate compartments. A large portion of the joint repairs were completed immediately after Christmas, during the client’s shutdown, ahead of grinding work.

After grinding, Trimmer S.r.l. re-surveyed the aisles using the FACE DIN Profileograph to prove the floor flatness specification had been met.

The client’s Managing Director and Project Manager were involved in the project. They were very happy with the work Concrete Grinding Ltd and Trimmer S.r.l had carried out. “We were very impressed with the quality of Concrete Grinding Ltd’s and Trimmer S.r.l.’s work and commitment to the project. The Laser Grinding work did not interfere at any time with our busy warehouse operation.  We also had a very strict time table and the grinding and repair work went according to schedule. We chose Concrete Grinding because of their precision laser grinding system and their flexible approach to our requirements. We are extremely pleased with the overall results”.

Concrete Grinding Ltd specialises in the upgrading of aisles in new and existing VNA/narrow aisle warehouse units. Key services are:-

• Laser Guided Grinding up to ‘DM1 / Superflat’ Standards for VNA / narrow aisle environments using their unique & patented laser grinding technology, the Laser Grinder ®.

• Guaranteed to grind floors to any flatness specification.

• The Laser Grinder ® is a clean and completely self sufficient machine which makes it suitable in operational warehouse including food, pharmaceutical & sub-zero environments.

• Bespoke internal repairs / upgrades tailored to the individual clients’ needs.

Concrete Grinding Ltd is part of the CoGri Group of companies, a consortium of international warehouse and industrial floor solution specialists with over 20 years global experience in the design, construction, surveying, testing, upgrading & repair of industrial concrete floors.

Concrete Grinding Ltd

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