The W9-3 photoelectric proximity sensor launched by SICK (UK) is designed for optimum detection capability in the harshest industrial environments. As well as an 800mm maximum range, and the best possible background suppression, the rugged and compact Vistal housing is also designed for maximum mounting versatility for production operations.

The SICK W9-3 combines SICK’s unique PinPoint LED sender with high reliability electronics; this includes the latest technology with a second LED emitter to ensure the best possible background suppression.

W9-3 set up is made simple by the highly visible lightspot from the PinPoint LED, and there is a wide choice of optical features to match operational requirements.

The rugged fibreglass-reinforced Vistal housing is designed to withstand accidental damage in installation and operation, combining the robustness of steel with the lightness of plastic. Heavy duty adhesives enhance the rugged construction and ensure an environmental rating of up to IP69K.

A choice of M3 and M4 hole patterns, included slotted holes, ensures the W9-3 can be easily mounted to replace other sensors, including both SICK and other manufacturers, then adjusted to provide the optimum performance.

SICK W9-3 sensor

Ann Attridge or Andrea Hornby

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