Do you have wayward FLTs careering around your warehouse causing havoc?  Is protecting your stacked goods spiralling out of control year on year? The HSE states: “Protect racking if it is likely to be hit by a lift truck or other vehicles”. One stray tap by a FLT can bring down metres of racking with untold costs and damage.

At A-safe we are proud to announce our fabulous new system for the Warehouse and Logistics markets. Introducing: RackGuard and, the latest product within its range: Leg Protecta, a simple yet innovative protection device for safeguarding pallet racks. This upright protector is highly versatile, manufactured from high impact grade polymer with two sizes to fit all racking legs; widths between 75mm and 128mm. So, don’t neglect your racking protection needs. Don’t let a reckless FLT wreck your racking and knock your profits over; RackGuard is your answer.

Stylish and highly visible in yellow and black, the polymer based barriers are far more flexible and durable than conventional steel barriers which, in many documented and reported cases, can shear and cannon into the very racking they were supposed to protect, a costly disaster. Hit A-Safe barriers with a vehicle and their inherent strength and structural memory allow them to buckle on collision, dissipating impact forces and then springing back to the original state. There is no floor damage when impacted, as well as a reduction in vehicle damage. Also in the range are the End Protecta and Beam Protecta.

End Protectas are available in single rail and double rail versions and designed to suit, with bollard style posts and wear collars to help absorb and deflect contact, especially where vehicles turn into the particularly vulnerable corners of the racking aisles. Leg Protecta is designed to specifically and effectively protect racking leg uprights from FLTs and other vehicles. A-Safe provides a full consultation service, ensuring the right product for the right application, complemented by a full installation and maintenance package, leasing available if required.

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