UK producers and manufacturers were invited to attend a ‘Breaking into Irish Retail’ event on Wednesday 21st September at the Abbey Hotel in Redditch, Worcester hosted by Oakland International.

A multi temperature supply chain specialist, Oakland International has depots in the UK and Ireland, and the event focussed on the Irish retail market and the complexities of supply chain integration.

Keynote speakers attending the event included; Steve Young, Logistics Director Musgrave Ireland, Liam Gilbert, Analyst from IGD, Declan Cleary, Commercial Manager from Brian Caffrey International, and Tadhg O’Donovan, Sales and Marketing Manager from Glenilen Farm.

The speakers discussed how potential UK exporters can overcome perceived barriers to the Irish market and the opportunities that Ireland presents.

Oakland International MD Dean Attwell stated: “Having successfully held this type of event previously in Ireland we are well-placed to understand Ireland’s retailer market, able to support UK producers wishing to explore the many opportunities available.”

With suppliers in the UK acknowledged for having high quality products and viewed by the Irish as a preferred ‘local’ country of origin, barriers to export from the UK have primarily been supply chain costs and Irish retail compliance.

With industry’s attention focused on supply chain efficiencies, gaining first-hand insight in to Ireland’s marketplace is a must for all UK producers.

Oakland International Limited

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Ireland: +353 (0) 1835 4855

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