In what is effectively a pilot project for the German Sustainable Building Council Hörmann has designed and installed 40 loading bays on a new 220,000 sq ft distribution centre for organic food giant Alnatura.

Geothermal energy is used to warm the offices in winter and operate the air conditioning in summer. In the warehouse air/water heat pumps are used to warm the floor which acts like a large radiator. To maximise the benefits of the renewable energy heat transfer throughout the building is carefully controlled. Loading bays are critical in this regard so Hörmann SPU40 insulated, sectional doors have been selected.

These doors also feature compound double glazing panels to allow in natural light yet maintain the high levels of thermal insulation these doors provide. On the exterior, in order to keep out cold winter and hot summer air, cushion dock seals with fixed top cushions create a seal between containers and the building. One of the key elements of the loading bay design is the use of Hörmann HTL-2 dock levellers with telescopic lips, that allow the insulated doors to close in front of the dock levellers. Thermal transfer through the metal leveller is therefore significantly reduced, a technique initially developed by Hörmann for chilled and cold storage applications.

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