Despite the old saying, it simply isn’t true that “accidents happen” – in 99% of cases, there has been a breakdown in communication or ability that makes them inevitable.

The only reliable way to prevent these lapses is to ensure that everybody involved with fork lift trucks receives adequate training – from the operators themselves to the supervisors.

For this reason, the FLTA Safety Conference 2011 takes the theme of It’s No Accident – Training Saves Lives.

A host of industry authorities will take to the stage to deliver expert knowledge on their given subjects. This will include the impact of legal changes on training, new best practice, dangers that managers may never have considered and more… all under the keen focus of getting employees fully trained.

This ties in with this year’s Safety Week, which is also promoting workplace training. With a range of free online aids to support the message, including a poster (see page 8), a training checklist, a supervisor training presentation and an employee safety booklet, fork lift truck training has never been easier to bring on board.

David Ellison, Chief Executive of the FLTA says: “The Safety Conference, is, simply put, the best one-day event available to bring you up to date with your safety duties.

“We’ve carefully picked the sessions to ensure that representatives of any company will benefit from attending, whether they are from a small business with minimal resources and staff or a huge multinational. After all, safe practice is crucial wherever you work.”

The Conference takes place on Wednesday 21st September at Warwick University. To book your seat, visit And do it today – the Safety Conference sells out every year!

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