Introduction to NPORS

NPORS was founded in 1992 to offer employers a choice in the construction industry.

With more than 1700 Instructors and Training Providers accredited by the scheme, (operating on both national and International projects), we work hard to ensure the appropriate training and assessments are delivered for employers in the varied fields of Construction, Civil Engineering, Utilities, Distribution and Warehousing, Engineering, Ports and Marine, Rail, Highways and Agricultural. We have over 300,000 operators registered with NPORS working within these sectors worldwide.

As an Accrediting Body we feel it is important to maintain standards, to help ensure safety in the workplace. Though we are proud of the fact that we offer employers flexibility and choice as to where training and testing is carried out. Employers have the choice of whether to send their people to Accredited Training Centres or to have their training conducted at their own premises.


NPORS recognises many other organisations and the contributions they make to the training, assessment, safety and competence of operators. Though S/NVQ’s are not mandatory in our scheme we fully endorse up skilling the workforce and will display qualifications such as the relevant S/NVQ’s held by the operator; safety awareness certification and assessments conducted by any of the HSE Accrediting bodies on the back of the operator card.

Operator site safety awareness

NPORS has its own site safety awareness programme. This is an on-line facility, enabling assessments to be conducted anywhere with internet access. NPORS will also recognise other organisations that provide similar site safety awareness and will not insist on the operator undergoing another assessment, unless their previous assessment has expired.

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