IPP Logipal’s parent, the Faber Halbertsma Group, which is Europe’s largest pallet producer and second largest pallet pooling business, has appointed Roeland Moens to the new role of Pooling Director. He also join’s the group board.

As Pooling Director, Moens will oversee the strategic development of Faber Halbertsma Group’s leading pooling brands, IPP Logipal and PRS Return System. He will also drive the geographic expansion and service development of these businesses in the key markets.

These developments will be in line with the company’s long established policy of providing sustainable products, services and solutions that minimise CO2 emissions, as well as collaborations that reduce transport mileage across the supply chain.

Moens brings wide-ranging international experience to the role of Pooling Director with a strong emphasis on logistics, managing large networks, asset hire and rental. He has previously held Managing Director roles in Benelux, France, Spain, Portugal and UK. Moens was also General Manager Benelux and Vice President RPC Europe with Chep – highlighting his expertise in the sector.

Along with expanding the company’s operations by working with new customers and cultivating new markets, part of his long-term remit is to enhance the organisational structure across the group. This will involve developing new products that support the core business in returnable packaging and transit solutions.

Moens recognises the range of challenges ahead and commented: “Our business is about much more than providing just pallet or box rental service. It’s far more to do with managing cost out of the supply chain, adding real value across it and delivering a long-term sustainable solution for our customers.

“With the expertise and commitment of the Faber Halbertsma Group to invest in core areas of the business, we can increasingly offer a greater range of flexible handling solutions that can adapt with future developments.”

IPP Logipal


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