Welcome to the 15 September Warehouse & Logistics News. WLN is once again proud to be Media Partner to the FLTA Safety Conference, being held this year at Warwick University on Wednesday 21 September. Despite the old saying, it simply isn’t true that “accidents will happen” – in 99% of cases, there has been a breakdown in communication or ability that makes them inevitable. The only reliable way to prevent these lapses is to ensure everybody involved with fork lift trucks receives adequate training, from operators to supervisors. For this reason, the FLTA Safety Conference 2011 has the theme of ‘It’s No Accident – Training Saves Lives.’

In this issue you’ll find our FLTA Safety Conference Supplement, which previews the event and includes articles on fork truck safety, warehouse best practice and all other aspects of safety in the warehouse and logistics environment. We’ve also got features in this issue on Order Picking and Power Sources, vital areas in a busy warehouse. Order Picking covers Pickers, pick to light and voice picking, and Power Sources takes in all aspects of motive power in the warehouse and logistics environment, including batteries, LPG and engines.

Fuel theft is a major problem for everyone in the logistics and transport industry, but help is at hand from a British-based supplier. The NeckIt! name is well known around the world as the best-selling fuel anti-siphon device protecting trucks, buses, vans, pick-ups, boats, plant and machinery and static tanks. Hercules!, a floating valve device, was added to the portfolio early last year. Now FuelDefend Global Ltd has launched its budget line FuelKeepValue! to complete the range, positioning FuelDefend as a one-stop-shop warehousing and logistics operations can rely on for their fuel security. Following FuelDefend’s recent purchase of the TruckProtect business and assets, the anti-siphon devices and other products formerly supplied by TruckProtect are now supplied by FuelDefend Global, part of the newly formed FuelDefend family of companies.

And it doesn’t stop there. Recently another of NeckIt!’s new range of models won a major contract to fit anti-siphoning devices to frozen food retailer Iceland’s refrigerated trucks, taking FuelDefend’s ASD systems into fridge trucks for the first time and generating round the world interest. It’s a continuing success story, as Russell Fowler, TruckProtect’s founder and now CEO and Chairman of FuelDefend Global, explains.

Finally, our exclusive History of the Fork Lift Truck is now up to Episode 59, and 1973, the year Britain entered the EEC and our lives were being brightened by classic albums from David Bowie, Elton John, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and the Who.

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