Merseyside-based conveyor manufacturers Sovex are looking to help businesses remain flexible in uncertain economic times with their latest “RM-range” of mobile conveyor systems.

The mobile systems consist of short (up to 6 metre) sections, or modules, which fasten together to form a complete material handling system. Whilst each module has its own drive unit, the power and emergency circuits are fully linked, offering the benefits of a fixed system with the added advantages of a mobile system. Steve Nuttall, Sales Director at Sovex, explains some of these advantages:

“Where a mobile system really comes into its own is through the flexibility it offers out customers. Our systems are designed to be fully reconfigurable, meaning that one layout can be used for a morning shift – for example, loading of vans – and a completely different layout for an evening shift – unloading of trailers, for example. Alternatively, the whole system can be stored out of the way, allowing use of the floor space for other operations.

“As well as these advantages, we can also offer our customers some measure of security in these uncertain economic times. If their requirements change in the future, our systems are designed so that we can add or remove modules as required, and even swap modules between depots as changes in demand require it”.

Sovex, often best known for their innovative vehicle loading conveyors, have already seen a strong response to their improved mobile range. Working with the customers of their earlier mobile range, they have further improved the durability of the design by increasing the protection on the more fragile components, ensuring the RM range is fit for use in the most demanding of material handling environments. Commercial Director Michele Dematties has seen the difference such small changes can make:

“As always, we try to take on all of the feedback our customers give us, and the improved RM range is testament to this. The changes our design team have made have already reduced the number of callouts we’re receiving for this equipment, which were usually due to operators damaging the conveyors and, in turn have lowered our customers’ costs on replacement parts.

“Where I’ve always been impressed with the flexibility of the mobile range is its ability to cope with seasonal fluctuations – we receive orders in the run-up to peak trading as our customers add to their existing systems to allow for the changing demands”.

Sovex always have a few modules available to test at their Wirral headquarters – email for further details or to arrange an appointment with Steve.


Tel: 0151 608 2323

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