New palletiser manufacturer Palletiser Ltd. has purchased the Demo3D modeling software from AutoLogic Solutions to demonstrate their products to potential customers.

Palletiser Ltd design, make and install automated equipment that integrates with the end of a production line to load finished products onto pallets.

They saw the Demo3D software being used by one of their partners recently and were impressed by the high quality graphics, ease of use and accuracy of the software. So much so, they decided they would acquire the software for their own use.

Kelvin Galbraith-Lowe, MD of Palletiser Ltd says: “I have been in the palletising industry for ten years but hadn’t seen such advanced graphics before. We typically put together 2D presentations but could see straight away that our customers would really benefit from seeing our solutions in 3D, working in real time with their own conveyor systems.”

Demo3D has already helped Palletiser Ltd to win their first major contract.

“We had a tender for a large project with a very complex conveyor system. The line was on three mezzanine levels and it was so much easier to demonstrate how our palletiser would work by building a 3D model showing the whole production line in action.

“It was also vital that the production line in question ran continuously so we designed a palletiser that had two operating loaders. The palletiser could run at twice the line speed under normal circumstances and if one system jammed, the other would switch over as back up. Demo3D demonstrated this perfectly which gave the customer a lot of reassurance.

“To be able to show our customers their production lines in operation in a real-time 3D model is a fantastic step forward. It shows real competence to our clients.”

“Because we are a new manufacturer of palletisers, it’s important to establish ourselves as a market leader from the outset. We know we have to be more technically advanced than our competitors and Demo3D helps us do just that.

“I was surprised how easy it was to build the models in Demo3D too. Switching from our previous solid works models was very straight forward. It is actually quicker to build the models in 3D!”

Palletiser say they have only just scratched the surface of the Demo3D capabilities and plan to exploit the software fully in the future.

“Without any more expenditure, we will be able to build really complex modular systems in Demo3D and test our automation a lot more thoroughly.”

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