Q: How do English drivers make themselves understood in Belgrade, Brussels or Berlin?

A: They don’t… That is unless they have a Point2Talk book.

Point2Talk is a new easy-to-use multi-lingual translation guide for commercial drivers that is set to cure the age old problem of how to get English speaking drivers to speak foreign languages when working abroad.

How useful would it be to get LGV drivers, who only speak English, to be able to express themselves’ effectively in the Polish language when in Poznan or in Spanish when delivering in Madrid and without any training? We all know the problems drivers have and delays caused when they try to explain the simplest request in foreign lands where they have little or no knowledge of the local language.

Point2Talk is an essential tool and very easy-to-use.

Point2Talk is aimed at providing a solution for drivers when working abroad and is a great time saver in everyday situations; collection and delivery points, Police checks, customs etc it can be difficult to get the right message across. Point2Talk has the solution.

‘We aim to improve the lives of professional drivers who drive all over Europe by giving them the ability to communicate with confidence in all work situations, where ever they go and without the need for any training’. Says Peter Ulleri, author of the Point2Talk series.

The newly launched Point2Talk driver book is written in 26 languages in an easy to use format, incorporating pictures and graphics to illustrate each action or need in a very simple way.

Ulleri hopes that ‘Point2Talk will soon be considered an essential tool for any English speaking heavy goods driver venturing on the continent. By using this book I believe drivers will become more efficient and more productive as a direct result of being able to communicate better. This book will save many work hours during a drivers’ week and become a real money saver for logistics operations’.

The idea

Peter, who speaks fluent Italian, first had the idea to produce a simple logistics based phrase book Originally for warehouse operations when he worked for a Multi-National logistics operation:

‘Most days there were deliveries in from all over Europe. Drivers arrived, waved arms, spoke Polish, Turkish, German or just very bad English and every time it would take up much valued staff time and Effort; whilst they attempted to communicate simple instructions to the driver using a combination of pigeon English, pointing and really bad drawings.’

After the umpteenth request to Peter from his staff to help communicate basic messages to foreign drivers delivering freight, he decided to do something to provide a solution to resolve the language problem.


Peter started to write the first Point2Talk guide in 2010, and whilst writing the warehouse guide Peter realised there was a bigger need and decided to write a version that could be used by LGV drivers. Peter ‘The warehouse book performs a valuable function but the driver book is the one where companies will see real benefit every day and add profit to their bottom line’

Health and Safety

More importantly than profit the Point2Talk series gives a much improved boost to a company’s health and safety in all aspects of daily operations. ‘It has become an essential part to daily working life to keep our staff safe and any visitors safe, including foreign speaking ones safe at our place of work.’ Says Peter. ‘By providing logistics operations and mobile employees with Point2Talk we can make a better effort to maintain a safer working environment for all.’

Introductory offer

The Point2Talk driver edition will be available to buy from mid July at an introductory price of £20 per copy including P&P.

The RRP of the book is £25.00 and from September 1st the full price will apply, so big savings will be had by all who order early.

Companies ordering 20 or more books will be offered the bonus of having a logo of their choice printed on the front cover free of charge, they will also receive a free copy of the Point2Talk warehouse edition (RRP £18.50).

How to buy:

Books can be purchased by contacting Catherine 0161-301-1335 or by email to: info@point2talk.eu

Free Copy:

If you would like to claim a free copy of either the Point2Talk driver book or the Point2Talk warehouse book please contact Jon Reyner using the link below.

More info

– If you wish to discuss any aspect of this press release please contact Jon Reyner

– If you would like to find out more about Point2Talk books please contact Peter Ulleri


Peter Ulleri

Tel: 07947 103706

Email: info@point2talk.eu

Jon Reyner

Tel: 07810 353346

Email: mulligan.jon@zen.co.uk

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