Oakland Distribution, a subsidiary of Oakland International, a multi temperature supply chain specialist in warehousing, distribution and logistics, has been selected by Müller Dairy to create and implement a new bespoke distribution scheme designed with the small wholesale client market in mind.

Oakland International Strategic Development Manager, Pete Vaughan, explained: “The wholesale market is made up of businesses which generally represent a diverse section of the market, coping with challenges not usually experienced in the major retail sector.
“Oakland’s scheme with Müller Dairy will provide wholesale clients with the ability to continue to access Müller products, whilst allowing Müller Dairy the opportunity of working with a wider base of potential smaller clients than before due to our ability  to offer a more flexible distribution offer.”

Initially the scheme will service twenty wholesale clients, covering all areas of the UK, with the option to add more and extend the scheme providing they have similar business profiles. Oakland has recently appointed Kendra McDowall-Gilbert to work on commercial opportunities in the wholesale market, taking responsibility for developing customer relationships to support Oakland’s new scheme.

Added Pete: “As we develop the scheme’s service offer, we will be able to provide even faster order lead times than at present and as volumes and suppliers grow, we will increase the number of deliveries we can then service each week.”

The scheme launched on 4th July to coincide with other Oakland ‘Independents Day’ initiatives.

Müller Dairy National Account Manager and Wholesale Hub project leader, Keith Langley, commented: “This initiative has been in the melting pot for a number of years and it’s exciting to be able to see it come to fruition with Oakland Distribution. They have demonstrated the ability to meet the very high and exacting standards required to service the Wholesale Hub. Oakland’s progressive and flexible approach has enabled Müller Dairy to find the optimum solution for a seamless transition of supply and logistics to our valued regional Wholesale customer base, whilst providing a solid platform for future business development.”

Oakland International Limited

UK: +44 (0) 1527 596 222

IE: +353 (0) 1835 4855

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