As energy costs continue to soar, more attention is being paid to the energy saving potential that can be maximised through the design of doors and loading bays. Not only for new builds but also for refurbishment projects, the new Hörmann Energy saving compass is a modular planning tool that also calculates the payback time for the chosen options.

With new product developments such as ThermoFrame, insulated High Speed Spiral Doors and the dedicated DOBO system, operators need to know what they can do, what options they have and how much will it cost and more importantly save.

The six themed modules of the online Energy Saving Compass are a planning guide that examines all the key aspects of energy saving that can be effected by industrial door systems and loading technology solutions.

The guide includes examples of well planned loading bays, examples of the options available and an energy loss calculator. If you want to save on your energy bills Hörmann has the products, knowledge and expertise to deliver the right solution to meet your operational needs while maximising energy savings. Go to and find the Energy Saving Compass on the welcome page.


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