Broadwater Mouldings Ltd. are amongst the world leaders of Material Handling Chute manufactures and specialise in Safeglide Spiral Chute profiles, originally developed by the British Post Office back in the early 1980’s.

Broadwater’s involvement began in 1984 manufacturing Safeglides for the Post office, and then, under licence, producing them for a worldwide market.

Within the last 27 years Broadwater have continued to develop the Safeglide and have had exclusive ownership of the brand exluding the US since 2005.

Based upon the principal of a cambered spiral with complex input end exit transitions, Safeglide Chutes are used to safely convey a very large range of products within a vast array of material handling systems.

Safeglides can handle almost anything including plastic totes, cardboard cartons, airport baggage, polythene bags, newspaper bundles and sacks.

The Safeglide can handle any mix of products, on the same chute, all at a controlled speed of descent, with any number of in-feeds from different levels.

With seven different Safeglide Profiles, ranging from 900mm to 1500mm radius, from which to select, there is almost always a solution to suit customer requirements.

Broadwater’s ability to analyse the customer’s requirements, using their vast experience, ensure that the Safeglide they purchase will be optimised to their requirements.

The application range of Safeglide Chutes is vast, ranging from a simple solution to convey goods down from a mezzanine floor to ground floor, to multiple chutes being integrated into Major multi-tier Sortation Systems.

Safeglide in-feeds can be interfaced with almost any conveyor system, including rollers, belts and slats, as well as Sorters including Tilt Trays, Cross Belts, Sliding Shoes, Pop-up rollers and diverters.

CAD drawings are made available to enable the client to import them into their own System drawings, ensuring accurate interfacing with conveyors or sorters.

The photograph shows a simple solution for BSS group, using a 700mm radius 1040mm pitch Safeglide to convey plastic totes from two mezzanine floors to ground floor, interfacing with flexible roller conveyors. This is one of numerous similar applications for which Safeglides have been installed for Warehouse despatches.

Far more complex Safeglides, integrated into major Sortation Systems, have been designed and manufactured by Broadwater for such end users as Royal Mail, Parcelforce, Parceline, Interlink, Littlewoods, Tesco Freezer Centre, German Parcels, Hong Kong Post, Seoul Postal Centre, Tesco Korea, Lotte Korea and, most recently, 64 Safeglides for Home Delivery Network in Wednesbury.

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