The RX70 Hybrid is based on the highly successful RX70 diesel truck. This truck excels by using less energy than any other product in its class. Dependent on the type of application, the technology will reduce fuel consumption by a further 15 percent!

This innovative product is another STILL contribution in the effort to environmentally sustain your intralogistics. The lower consumption of energy means lower CO2 emissions. To achieve this, the RX70 hybrid makes use of “free” energy, this is recuperated from the kinetic energy when using the truck brakes. This energy is stored and can then subsequently be used for the next acceleration.

Further benefits for this new hybrid are as follows:

• The truck has undergone significant noise reduction which results in quieter “stacking”. Instead of 47 Kilowatt, the new RX70 hybrid only requires a 30 Kilowatt diesel engine to achieve the same performance.

• Drive and lift movements are intelligently controlled. Additionally an electrically adjustable hydraulic pump lowers the consumption for lifting.

The truck draws its energy from the diesel tank and the ultra caps (high performance double layer capacitors) mounted at the rear. These ultra caps are charged with the energy released when the truck brakes. When accelerating, the energy from the capacitors provides additional performance. The energy collected when braking is later used by the generator which is additionally propelled by the diesel engine to power the electric drive motor.

All the related systems are linked up by the electronic controller which also controls charging and discharging of the additional energy storage.

Ultra caps are particularly well suited for the task because they can be quickly charged with high currents and release the energy equally as fast. This supporting energy reduces the load on the diesel engine by approximately 30 percent!

• The new RX70 Hybrid is equipped with two energy storage systems.

• No other forklift in the world consumes less fuel.

• This product leads the way from environmental & economical perspectives.

• The RX70 Hybrid pays for itself in as little as 3000 hours of usage.

If you would like further information and how the RX70 Hybrid can reduce your costs:

Contact our team on 0845 603 6827



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