Jungheinrich UK Ltd

The Jungheinrich EJE 112i powered pallet truck is the first commercially available forklift truck powered by a lithium ion battery: following successful trials, the new is now in production and available to order.

Lithium-Ion technology offers a number of significant environmental and productivity benefits over traditional lead acid batteries. The battery unit itself, for example, is radically different from a lead acid battery. The battery used to power the EJE 112i weighs just 14kg. It looks very much like a brief case and can be handled easily without lifting gear.

Charging is quick and simple – it takes just 30 minutes to deliver a 50 per cent charge and the battery is fully charged within 80 minutes. The short charging times enable more flexible truck utilisation and ‘opportunity charging’ – something that will be particularly welcome at sites running multiple shifts.

Translift Bendi Ltd

The B55 from Translift Bendi features a single/double pallet handling attachment which means handling time is halved and productivity increased as two pallets can be stacked side by side, two at a time thanks to the truck’s hydraulically extending outer forks.

Furthermore, the pallet handler can retract to a slimmer width, restoring the truck to standard Bendi articulated truck mode. Far from being a simple addition of an ‘off the shelf’ double pallet handler, the truck has had to undergo several major changes to the standard rotation centres to house the dual pallets side by side.

Linde Materials Handling Ltd

NavMan is a semi-automated system that can be configured to provide an interface for warehouse management software systems in standard VNA trucks. Using the warehouse management system to guide the pallet racking process, NavMAn enables a truck to work in either a manual or semi-automated mode.

The NavMan ensures all operators, whether experienced or novice, to work at the most efficient rate.

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