The judges were looking for excellent personal and professional qualities which are reflected in an efficient operation, optimum warehouse productivity, and a highly motivated and flexible team. The winner will demonstrate:

• Strong and hands-on man management style

• A keen awareness of H&S issues and

• An ability to develop innovative and sustainable initiatives to deliver continuous improvements in warehouse management

Paul Wilson, Century Logistics

Paul Wilson is a contract manager for one of Century’s most demanding contracts – internet based retailer Pine Solutions.

During his time in charge of the Pine Solutions contract, Paul has overseen Pine’s acquisition of The Cotswold Company and the integration of the many extra stock lines that came with it in to the warehouse. The contract now occupies in excess of 100,000 sq ft – compared with 6,000 sq ft when it started. Under Paul’s stewardship, the number of orders dispatched has risen by 118 per cent and a picking accuracy of 99.5 per cent has been achieved.

According to his employer, Paul’s enthusiasm and dedication are infectious and his staff retention record is excellent – a particularly impressive aspect of his performance given the heavy, physical nature of the work involved in servicing the contract.

Gary Rudkin, Simarco International

When Simarco installed a new warehouse management system to support larger pick and pack clients, 24 year old Gary Rudkin was assigned a leading role in integrating the new software and equipment. Gary worked ‘around the clock’ to ensure that the project went smoothly and was instrumental in implementing a system that has increased the volumes of materials handled in the pick and pack warehouse significantly. In fact, such has been the success of the system, that Simarco has been able to increase its turnover by 25 per cent in the space of less than of a year since the WMS went live.

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