Briggs Equipment has strengthened its position as a leading provider of comprehensive materials handling equipment for the warehousing sector with continued investment in this arena. Briggs is the UK’s national distributor of Yale Europe Materials Handling equipment, who offers an impressive range of reliable, efficient and ergonomic equipment.

A key element of Briggs’ service to its customers is the ability to provide a complete warehouse solution, from assisting in the planning of a new warehouse to the efficient management of the materials handling fleet once the warehouse is operational.

Mark Murfet, Warehouse and VNA Product Manager for Briggs Equipment explained: “In today’s economic environment it is vital for companies to get the most out of their assets and storage space whilst running their operations as efficiently as possible.

“With this in mind we can offer our customers a state-of-the-art simulation package to help them develop the most practical and efficient layout for their facilities and then make the most informed decision when choosing the right handling solution.”

Using the same simulation ‘engine’ that is operated by major European airports and leading rail infrastructure companies it is able to break down even the most complex warehouse operations into the finest level of detail. It also takes into account factors such as energy consumption, goods flow and order picking and replenishment regimes.

“The simulator’s presentation is unique in that it shows a real picture of the warehouse, its day-to-day operations and the customer’s current or planned assets in situ,” Mark continued. As a result we can then develop a solution to make maximum use of the space available”.

However well designed a warehouse is it can never reach maximum efficiency without the right trucks and equipment. That’s why Briggs, through its partnership with Yale Materials Handling, offers customers access to some of the highest specification very narrow aisle (VNA), reach and counterbalance trucks on the market.

At the forefront of this impressive line-up is Yale’s latest range of medium and high level order pickers that benefit from a host of features designed for improved efficiency, reliability, safety and operator comfort.

Thanks to a significant investment in Yale’s Italian production facility, including the opening of a new product development centre and dedicated VNA production line, each truck is built to the customer’s own unique specifications.

The world leading VNA equipment is backed up by the recent introduction of several new Yale fork lift trucks to meet a wide range of applications and environments.

These include the new ERP 13-15 VC three-wheel forklifts targeted specifically at the light to medium duty pallet handling operations. Available with 1250kg and 1500kg capacity the VC series boasts a best in class working aisle width of 3107 mm with a 1000 x 1200 mm pallet and an overall width of 996 mm. This allows the truck to block-stack easily as well as efficiently load and unload goods.

One of the most compact trucks on the market, the VC’s manoeuvrability combined with a top speed of 12km per hour and lifting speed of 0.3m per second make it ideal for light to medium applications within logistics companies and in pallet handling operations.

Yale has also responded to the continued rise in demand for high performance electric counterbalance trucks with the launch of the new VM 4 – 5 tonne series. Also highly manoeuvrable, the VM is designed to operate in the most demanding environments whilst offering unrivalled high dependability, low energy consumption, ease of serviceability and an ergonomic design for operator comfort.

Ergonomics was also a key consideration during the design of the new MO50T tow tractor with its fixed and comfortable work platform that allows easy ‘on and off’ access, helping minimise operator movement and saving valuable time.

Other recent product launches include Yale’s ERC-VA series that leads the way in terms of both ergonomics and performance when it comes to block stacking.

The redesigned operator compartment of all Yale products reflect the company’s commitment to operator comfort and resulting improvements to efficiency.

With 16 per cent more floor space than the previous model, the VA series has a multifunctional display positioned at eye level to enhance forward visibility and precise pallet control.

Energy low (eLo) settings give class leading energy consumption, whilst maintaining competitive performance. A high performance setting (HiP) results in higher productivity levels and faster turn-around times, helping to facilitate enhanced productivity whilst ‘e balance’ provides the optimum performance and energy consumption characteristics.

An increase in visibility for the operator is also a key improvement for Yale’s updated MR series of reach trucks. Ergonomics are also enhanced with responsive and intuitive operator controls.

According to Mark, Briggs’ commitment to its warehouse customers doesn’t end once a bespoke material handling solution has been developed and the most suitable trucks have been supplied. Briggs takes a true partnership approach, supporting its customers and adding real value throughout the contract period, a distinctive offering within the marketplace.

“Briggs Equipment have an extensive national network of highly skilled engineers on hand to solve any problems that may arise, together with a series of after sales products designed to keep warehouses operating at maximum efficiency,” he said.

“We also encourage the use of Speedshield, an intelligent system that improves safety and efficiency by monitoring operator behaviour, whilst our BE Fleet management service enables customers to get on with their core operations without worrying about the day-to-day running of their materials handling equipment”.

“With such an exciting range of products, unique technical know-how and exceptional levels of service, it is no surprise that Briggs is establishing itself as the leading materials handling partner for the warehouse sector,” he added.

Briggs Equipment UK Ltd is the sole distributor of Yale Materials Handling products, providing innovative, tailored and cost effective solutions on a nationwide basis for a broad customer base. Alongside new equipment its services also include: planned maintenance (across any brand of equipment), short term hire, used equipment and asset management. With its headquarters and national support centre in Cannock, Staffordshire, Briggs people are committed and passionate to working in partnership with its customers so they in turn can develop more efficient and results driven businesses.

Briggs Equipment

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