Hoppecke Industrial Batteries

Hoppecke’s trak air battery system enables forklift fleet operators to slash their carbon footprint while saving thousands of pounds on battery replacement costs. At the same time, the system reduces battery temperature levels by around 10 degress C and cuts energy consumption by reducing the number of times a battery needs to be refilled. Furthermore, the trak air high frequency charger reduces battery recharging times by some two and a half hours. Not only does the system reduce charging times it reduces hydrogen gas emissions and uses less water and electricity than other recharging systems on the market.

Elddis Transport Ltd

As a major operator of HGV vehicles, Elddis’s carbon emissions are significant but the company is taking steps to become as energy efficient as possible. For example, within the last 12 months Elddis has switched to new low energy lighting at its warehouse and head office, introduced low emission vehicles to its company car fleet and worked with clients to increase pallet heights which means  the number of lorry journeys required is reduced.

The company has also invested in more aerodynamic trailers, driver training and telemetry systems to monitor the performance of its vehicles and drivers The net effect has been an improvement in fuel economy of around 4 per cent, a reduction in carbon emissions of 770 tonnes a year and a significant saving in fuel costs.

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