A-Safe is the most innovative safety barrier system ever. So innovative in fact, that it effectively makes conventional steel barriers obsolete. A-Safe is the world’s leader in safety barriers with their unique and unrivalled patented and patent pending systems, supported by A-Safe GMBH and a network of resellers worldwide to ensure future growth.

In recognising dangerous working environments, A-Safe is committed to a philosophy of offering the highest level of personal customer service in regard to safety protection, as befits this closely knit, but friendly, family-owned business. Every client is treated to solution-based consultation, advice, CAD design and application. Every job is tailor made to suit the discerning customer’s needs down to the last detail. If there is no ready product to hand, A-Safe and their clever design team will invent a new one.

Blue Chip companies like Kimberly-Clark, Coca Cola and Marks and Spencer and many, many others all appreciate and completely believe in the importance of safety in protecting their brand’s integrity and have installed A-Safe barriers as their safety systems of choice, either for new build projects or the replacement of outdated and expensive to maintain steel. From Warehouses to Airports, from Factories to Car Parks, with manufacturers and businesses alike, A-Safe has been able to offer the best possible safety advice in protecting valued and vulnerable staff as well as valuable materials, buildings, plant and facilities.

The secret of A-Safe’s success lies in the polymer-based material that all the products in the range are made from. Unlike steel, which simply dents or crumples when a vehicle hits it, an A-Safe barrier has inherent strength and structural memory allowing them to buckle on collision, dissipating impact forces and then springing back to the original state. There is the added bonus of little floor damage when impacted. Naturally, this greatly reduces the need for damage repairs, both to the barrier and to the vehicle itself. It’s a principle that the motor industry adopted long ago, which is why you’ll only find plastic bumpers on cars these days. What’s more, they’re fully recyclable, with a much lower carbon footprint than steel.

A-Safe is a forward, out-of-box thinking company, happily working alongside architects, designers and constructors, in association with Blue Chip clients, offering a whole package of safety protection, including after sales back up and financial solutions.

A-Safe (UK) Ltd


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