Bray Solutions ltd was born due to an existing customer an importer and distributor of musical instruments and other products throughout the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands known as Music Force Ltd meeting with terrible logistic difficulties due to the growth of the business over a few years. It was struggling to effectively and efficiently manage its own logistics and inventory, which due to the nature their varied product range and the differing demands of their customers, they found it impossible to keep any close control and careful management of their warehouse operation. They therefore suffered from high value stock losses and staff turnover.

Bray Solutions suggested outsourcing was becoming common practice in the fast changing world that we all now operate in, and Bray Solutions could look at finding the right solution that could deal with the intricacies Music Force’s business required and therefore proposed to  operate the day to day running of the warehouse operation introducing a bespoke system that allowed the customer time to re-establish itself and become more buoyant in their market. So after entering dialogue with Bray Solutions Ltd it was an easy decision to pass the management of this side of Music Forces business over to “Ian Sharpe” and thus Bray Solutions was born.

Today Bray now operate in partnership on behalf of Music Force  a full warehouse and logistic operation from the unloading of goods, the goods storage, the pick and pack, goods out and returns system along with an efficient stock control system.

If you are thinking of currently accessing out sourcing your warehouse operation, Bray Solutions Ltd are the company who can help provide you with a cost effective solution, also allowing you to keep your corporate identity bespoke to suit your needs.

Bray Solutions Ltd can do it all for you and save you time and money enabling you to grow your business.

One of the services Bray Solutions has to offer is an


Container de-canting | Loose Carton Receipts | Returns Management

From Single item receipts to 40 Foot Container shipments Bray Solutions can handle all of your stock build requirements:

• Inbound scheduling

• Unload and Inspect

• Check and Receive into Warehouse Management System

• Locate into a pre-defined storage location

• Forward confirmation of receipt.

• Returns Processing

Inbound Scheduling

At Bray Solutions we are passionate about availability and commit to having all inbound scheduled pre midday available for demand by end of business the same day. In order to ensure a smooth inbound profile resulting in a prompt turnaround of suppliers all inbound is scheduled in advance in the form of allocating a time slot and unique reference.

Unload and Inspect

Inbound goods arrive in many different shapes and sizes from single product palletised goods through to loose carton deliveries. Upon arrival all goods are inspected for damage and at the customers request random sampling and quality control can also be undertaken.

Check and receive onto the Warehouse system

Both bar code scanning and manual receiving are available. All goods are cross referenced against the delivery paperwork or pre-advice to validate the inbound. Any discrepancies found are second checked by A Team leader and the paperwork amended accordingly. Pending the nature of the goods i.e. Under Bond, the goods are issued a stock status and are input into the Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Storage Allocation

Upon receipt of the goods into our W.M.S. the system allocates a relevant location to suit the nature of the goods e.g. Bin, Shelving, Racked or Floor Space. To ensure traceability throughout the chain all goods are issued a unique identity in the form of a reference number.

Confirmation of receipt

Once the inbound has been validated an electronic confirmation will be mailed to the desired recipient in the chosen format. Acknowledgment of receipt of goods is confirmed again via an automated Ins and Outs report sent daily at a pre-agreed time.

Returns Management

Due to our consistent Right First Time approach our aim is to keep returns to a minimum.

Our returns procedures are robust that includes validation against GRN (goods return note) and quality control. All returns are processed using stock status i.e. Quarantine and we aim to process through to availability within 48 hours of arrival.

Bray Solutions Ltd E-Fulfilment Service.

E-fulfilment how it works.

Bray Solutions Ltd will store your goods / and handle your merchandise.

Your Customers place their orders on your website, then we receive notification of the number orders through web integration or batch file download that need to be picked and packed.

We print off pick notes, and pick the orders from your stock held in our warehouse.

We pack the orders using the most appropriate packaging (which we can buy for you at trade prices).

We then despatch the orders using a range of postal and courier services (across the UK and internationally).

We also can handle returned orders, working to your returns procedures.

We provide online access to reports so you can keep track of orders. We help you grow your company and save money.

Bulk Storage Solution

Bray Solutions Ltd store goods for all sizes of business, our clients range from small local businesses to large retailers across the UK. Our extensive warehouse facilities centrally based in Peterborough Bedford/ Sandy and Tilbury will easily accommodate your storage needs whether you are looking to store a single pallet of goods or require bulk storage devoted to an entire floor.

Markets change – it’s a fact of life and your customers may require smaller and more frequent deliveries. Our vast warehouse space capacity can make a big difference to the logistics of your business and help cement stronger relationships with your customers.

Bray Warehouse and Storage Solutions provides a full picking and packing service. Send in your orders and we will pick your items and arrange dispatch for the next working day. Our large loading bays provide multiple areas for commercial vehicles to load/unload safely and easily.

Bray Solutions Ltd

Tel: 0844 8802578


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