Thousands of users across the globe testify to the incredible sweeping ability of SweepEx. And equally, thousands of cynics look on and remain sceptical about whether the SweepEx actually does what it sets out to do.

The extraordinary SweepEx has become a topic of conversation in many areas of commercial life, including the world of warehousing and distribution. Be it packaging materials such as strapping, banding, cardboard, polystyrene, or any one of hundreds of other items of debris and waste, SweepEx revolutionises the way warehouse managers think about sweep-up responsibilities.

“A question we regularly hear from interested parties is ‘So just how good is it, then?”, says Roy Wolfenden, manager of Broadwood International who distribute SweepEx across the UK and Europe. “We can talk all day long about how it’s powerful enough to push small boulders, snowfalls and wet slurry, yet efficient enough to deal with fine grains and dust. We can wax lyrical about the build quality or zero maintenance, but once the SweepEx has been seen in action there’s no denying it; it really does work better than you’d believe something so simple should work!”

The reason it performs so well in distribution yards, according to Mr Wolfenden, is to do with the unique bristle design, with just the right amount of spacing between each tough polypropylene strand, and each row of bristles is perfectly spaced to cope with sweeping demands. And another item that’s proven to be a big hit with yard managers is the optional magnetic bar, which simply hitches onto the SweepEx and saves thousands in punctures and other tyre repairs.

Constructed with an aircraft-aluminium grade hood, the SweepEx has often been copied but never matched in build quality or performance. “We’ve seen it all when it comes to copies of SweepEx; everyone thinks they can produce something better and cheaper, but SweepEx hasn’t become the market-leader in push brooms without proving anything; the superiority of the swept result speaks for itself.”

To this end Broadwood have just released a short video showing the SweepEx in action in a number of applications. Interested viewers can access the video through YouTube, by searching for ‘Broadwood’, or by visiting As Broadwood say, “You won’t believe a product so simple can be so effective.”

Broadwood International

Tel: 01420 478111


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