Chris Bates has taken on the role of National Sales Manager at lift truck manufacturer Atlet in the UK. The move is designed to integrate two core customer-facing processes, Head of Sales and Head of National Accounts, so that the company can build on its solutions-orientated approach and deliver greater value to its customers throughout the complete lift truck lifecycle.

“Our approach is to work with customers and identify how introducing our warehouse trucks into new or existing operations can deliver performance improvement, process efficiencies and cost savings,” says Chris Bates. “We add value throughout the operational lifecycle by ensuring handling processes and warehouse trucks are optimised and supported with our expertise, business understanding and superior maintenance services. This delivers the greatest benefit to the customer when sales and account management work together.”

Chris joined Atlet in 1995 just as the company was introducing the advanced Tergo reach truck that set the standard for warehouse truck ergonomics and performance for the following decade. He has since held a number of sales and account management leadership roles at the company, most recently as head of the national accounts team. Chris lives close to the company’s UK head office in Thame, Oxfordshire.

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