IPC Gansow has been manufacturing industrial cleaning equipment for nearly 30 years, and has always been at the forefront with innovation and technology. We have listened to our customers, their specific cleaning needs and requirements for certain applications and productivity, and responding with new products to tackle these specific needs. In the last 18 months IPC Gansow has introduced 6 new products, 4 of which we have featured in our advert.

CT160BT75R with 2 x side brushes, a cylindrical brush scrubber drier which also incorporates a small debris/dust sweeping facility, specifically for warehouse floors.

1450 Hydraulic battery or diesel powered heavy duty sweeper, capable of tackling debris both inside and outside.

CT230BT85 or 105 disc brush scrubber drier, providing great productivity in both its scrubbing widths and tank capacities.

BLS – Battery Life Saver Charger, a unique system which is both versatile and cost effective in the management of battery energy and life.

IPC Gansow UK

Tel: 01827-288850

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